Pucón and the Chilean Lake District.

After the absolutely incredible but exhausting day climbing mount Villarrica, we decided that we needed to some rest and relaxation.  One of the best things to do in the area was a trip to some thermal baths.  There are quite of few of them in the area given the amount of geothermal activity in the area, but it was recommended that Termas Geometricas was the best one to visit, roughly a two hour mini-bus ride away.

Thankfully it wasn’t as much of an early start although we did have a long ride ahead of us.  We packed our trunks, some towels from the hotel and settled in for the journey.

We got there in the early afternoon and were lucky to have some fabulous weather.

The thermal baths seemed to be located in a valley, well more of a ravine, about 20m wide at the widest part, narrowing to just a few meters in places.

As it was located in a ravine, there was a central wooden walkway with the pools located either side of it.

At the entrance, there was a little café, serving sandwiches, pizzas, cakes and other snacks.  The food seemed freshly made locally and was really good.

There was also a number of changing room cabins with wooden lockers with which you could both get changed and store all of your stuff.

There were lots of pools with water at various temperatures from 25C up to 42C.  In total, there were perhaps 20 of them, spread over the length of maybe 300m or 400m.  Right at the end was a waterfall which fed the cool water supply to the baths.  You could walk up and stand right under it if you wanted (I wasn’t brave enough as it was ice cold).

All in all, we spent a very relaxing three hours there, before the min-van picked us up to drop as back at the hotel.

The other amazing thing that we did on our journey was a hike in the Huerquehue National Park.  Our guides picked us up early at 7am in order that we could avoid the majority of the tourists.  It wasn’t until midday that we saw another person.

It was a there and back walk, which took roughly four and a half hours, and 14km in total.  There was a lot of up covering a vertical ascent of roughly 700m.

The scenery was stunning.  I’m not going to do such a great job of describing it so I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves.


Pucón is one of the most amazing, unspoilt, stunningly beautiful places in the world I’ve been.  Go.  Go now.

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