Star Alliance Lounge. Buenos Aires, Ezeiza.

Buenos Aires’s Ezeiza Airport isn’t a hub for any of the Star Alliance carriers yet a number of airlines including Avianca, United and Lufthansa all serve the destination.  Interestingly, rather than one of them opening a lounge branded to one of the individual airlines, it’s one of the few locations globally that has a Star Alliance branded lounge.  I’m not sure why these haven’t caught on (likewise with Oneworld), as it would seem to make sense.

Lufthansa 747-8 at Buenos Aires

I was travelling on the Lufthansa flight back to Frankfurt when I passed through the lounge; given they fly a 747-8 it was absolutely heaving.

They did have exactly eight seats set aside for first class passengers, as well as a dedicated menu for us to order from.  Knowing that I would get fed within an inch of my life on the aircraft, I didn’t order anything specifically from the menu.

To be fair, given how busy it was, the lounge wasn’t bad.  There were a variety of hot dishes to pick from, as well as a few snacks and some salads.

There were a few different types of juice and flavoured waters, plus also some desserts and cakes to pick from.

There was also some construction work going on in one corner, which hopefully meant they were expanding its capacity somewhat.

Star Alliance Lounge Buenos Aires construction work

The drinks selection was entirely standard and underwhelming as well.


Busy and fairly meh.  No reason to get here early, but it’s not awful either.  Get to the airport ninety minutes before your flight and you’ll be fine.

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