I’m going to ground myself for a while.

As some of my friends know, I’ve recently finished a round the world trip.  The main purpose was to meet a bunch of friends in Sydney for Mardi Gras, and instead of coming back the same, way, I decided to continue round and go via the Pacific Islands and Hawaii.  As COVID-19 started to spread, I got a little stuck in Samoa, but managed to get mostly back on track.

However as I got to the US, it was clear the impact of coronavirus was spreading much further afield, so I decided to cut short my trip by three days and head back to the UK at the earliest possible opportunity, by the most direct route available.

In the end, I had a brilliant time visiting some amazing places.  All the reviews, plus a backlog of others should appear on the blog over the next few weeks.

However my concerns about travel were two-fold, hence my decision to curtail the trip and come back early:

  • Becoming an inadvertent carrier
  • Getting stuck somewhere in quarantine

I love travelling and there are some incredible deals available at the moment, but I’m not sure I should be going anywhere at present.

For example, some friends of mine have just arrived in Malta and are being confined to their hotel for the next two weeks.

I’ve deliberately not posted about the myriad of restrictions that different countries are implementing all over the world as there are too many, and constantly changing. I’d just get them wrong, or post incorrect advice.

If you do plan to travel somewhere, I’d check both your country’s government website *and* the government of the country you’re visiting. Again, learning from my mistake, during my planning to visit American Samoa, restrictions were only noted on their government’s site and not on the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advisories page.

In short, travel anywhere for the next several months is simply going to be too risky in terms of getting stuck somewhere.

My next big trip is at the end of June, flying with Swiss to San Francisco, and then up to Seattle for Pride.  At the moment I’m 50/50 as to whether I think it will go ahead and I’ll be able to fly it. As to whether I want to or not is another question entirely.

To further complicate things at the time of writing, President Trump is expected to announce a National Emergency in the US later today, invoking the Stafford Act.

We’re living in unprecedented and uncertain times.  As much as I love it, travel just isn’t an option at the moment.

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